• I have never seen in my life this person Hammamet 5
    who is not
    I am very upset
    because anything sent to your inbox to accept

  • I want to clarify here that I am not with any AmMed
    a button is pressed it
    and do not know how to fix it I'm upset
    tighten a button without knowing
    only is one boyfriend and is my Hicham no more

  • gillou24

    joyeuse anniversaire Charito !! besos para ti et ai nina !! guilles

  • Anonymous

    bonjoure la belle jolie tigrèss com sa va ;sa vous dit que l'on fasse connè amicall beutè

    • tu et ravisante misss

  • Good morning everyone here.
    I'm not here very often, sorry.
    I am a very busy person, I work I have a beautiful baby.
    I do not understand some of those present.
    As want to accept them, or her friend.
    When they put their photos.
    They are not original.
    Would love to have profiles with original photos.
    Like mine.
    Fear not.
    Must be original.
    Put real photos.
    Thank you and welcome.